Wedding Photo Shooting in Chinese Way

Everybody knows that there are too many people in China. And the funny thing that even on their special day – wedding day – a couple still doesn’t have even a square meter of privacy.

There is silly event every Saturday at those beaches which are not overcrowded with Chinese people cause they are further from the city. At least 10 just married couples have their wedding photo shooting at the same time. Every couple has its own photographer, photograpther assistant, agent, costumer, make-up man and several more helpers whose functions are not very clear.

When I saw that for the third time I realized that the photographers are all the same guys and they shoot here every weekend. Plus, dresses are also still the same – so they don’t belong to the brides but to the Photo Shooting company.

Then people who have been in China way longer than me told me that actually they shoot not in a wedding day in China. There is a special day for this stuff and it’s not less important that the wedding itself.

Wedding photo shooting in China can take up to two days. Normally it’s a studio and outside photo session. They usually order photo shooting in western white wedding dresses and then there are some sets in different costumes.

American guy married with Chinese lady told me that the minimum price is 1 000 euro and then they add for every clothes change.

I have not seen a studio photo session but I hope that they don’t shoot 10 couples at the same time in the same studio as they do outside.

Whole process on the beach looks pretty funny. They don’t just stay very close to each other but they shoot totally same pics for every couple. Exactly the same!

They have one kit of property, so violins, flowers, bicycle are passed from one couple to the next one.

And moreover they don’t care about the weather at all. It could be cloudy or with grey low sky – who cares! Another thing – there are always massive tankers on the background.

I could not get what is the point of such pics in the beginning… but then… this is a Chinese mentality – my sister has a wedding pic with bicycle, my friend has, friend of my friend has… Everybody has! I also must get it!

But then yeh, there is also tradition to choose another characters and shoot it as well as wedding photos. It could be costumes of Renaissance time, XIX century, middle ages, StarWars heroes, pin-up or whatever else. Many people have totally the same pics but still… Kinda facade of choice.

And another thing connected to this costumes. One of possible choices of costumes for just married – traditional western white dress for a girl and for a guy… SS officer uniform. Sometimes it´s possible to find such pics on web-sites among rest photos in the portfolio.

Seems that Chinese have no slightest idea who wore this cloth. For them it’s just like… well, cool costume! Looks great! Nothing else.

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