Visa-run from Krabi to Malaysian border

Every foreigner without Thai visa has to do visa-run every 30 days.

One can buy a tour from numerous travel agencies in Ao Nang and it costs 900 bath in low season and 750 in high season (I know it’s weird that in high season price is cheaper but they told it’s because there are too few people in low season and they drive buses half-empty).

And it’s also possible to drive to Malaysian border by yourself.

Route is something like this: to bus station in Krabi town by bike or tuk-tuk (60 bath); then bus Krabi – Hat Yai; then minivan Hat Yai – Sadao/Padang Besar. And back =)

Bus Krabi – Hat Yai costs us 240 bath per person (we bought tickets at bus station a day before).

The bus left at 7 am instead of promised 6 am and then drove around town to pick up passengers for another hour. So, we lest Krabi around 8 am.

There are buses every hour from 6 am to 1 pm.

We arrived to Hat Yai at 1 pm.

It’s important to leave the bus at the main bus station in Hat Yai. Many drivers try to drop you near touristic agencies which change 3 times more to deliver you to the border that the regular ticket at bus station.

Ticket at the bus station costs 50+ bath.

There are 2 ticket offices which sell tickets to the border. In both cases buses leave every 20 minutes. So,

— tickets to Padang Besar are sold in ticket office #24. Price is 50 bath. It takes 1 hour to reach the border. There were almost none at the check point. It took us 20 minutes to walk there and back. When we were back in Thai, we found that it’s hard to catch a bus back to Hat Yai from there. There is a bus station but minivans don’t stop there. Only regular buses which are cheaper (44 bath) and even as fast as minivans. But they do not pass that often. To find minivan – you should walk to the bridge you see in front of you. The station is somewhere over there.

— tickets to Padang Besar and Sadao are sold in ticket office #26. The seller speaks very poor English, but still… Ticket to Sadao costs 57 bath and it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there.

But then the border is more alive and busy than in Padang Besar. It took us 30 minutes to get a new Thai stamp.

Transportation back to Hat Yai is better in Sadao. Minivans are on the left side near 7-11 and leave when full. The last bus is at 8 pm (from Padang Besar at 5 pm as I know). Price is the same, 57 bath.

In case you are late, it’s better to go to Sadao as there it’s easy to find hotel for a night and food from Thai to McDonalds. There are nothing like this near check point in Padang Besar.

When we looked for a bus from Hat Yai to Krabi, first suggestions were 280 bath per person for a bus going straight to Krabi. That’s too much as our tickets to Hat Yai were cheaper. And then we figured out that almost all buses to Phuket pass Krabi. Big comfortable buses with AC. Price was just 178 bath to Krabi by such bus.

We took one at 17.40 but it was not the last one.

And we were back to Krabi bus station at 11 pm. Well done =)

So, in total the cost of visa-run from Krabi to Malaysia by bike and buses is around 515 bath per person depending on check point you choose. 

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7 thoughts on “Visa-run from Krabi to Malaysian border

  1. We are arriving in AoNang on the 8th, planning to do visa run on the 9th. Problem is we have a dog which no bus will allow. Any info on what to do with dog will be helpful, thanks. Best transport from hotel?

  2. On a map Sadao does not lie on the border. So does the Sadao-bound bus go to the border just north of Bukit Kayu Hitam, Malaysia?

    • Sadao is a big city. But it is on the border, though I’m not sure that all buses go there. Mini-buses from Hat Yai do, rest – better check with the driver where they gonna drop you.

  3. Krabi Car Renter can provide you and your group with a safe reliable car. You can travel to the border at your own
    sensible pace. Obtain your visa stamps then return to Krabi without the worry of finding taxis and mini buses to complete your journey.
    An affordable carefree visa run. Gone are the days of high speed journeys with nail biting episodes in aged mini buses.

  4. I did my visa run yesterday from Krabi to Sadao:
    last bus to Had-Yai (line Phuket – Had-Yai via Krabi & Trang) is around 00:00 (Thai time…)
    as bus terminal at that time is closed, bus stops on main road near bus terminal entrance (as all late evening/night buses from and to Krabi)
    you can buy ticket directly from bus personnel, but especially during high-season is better you book your seat in advance at Krabi bus terminal ticket booth during office time (in this way they know in advance that they have to pick-up someone in Krabi…); lady working on this route ticket booth speaks good English and can help you with timetable and reservations
    most of buses that runs this route at evening/night are double decker modern buses with very comfortable sleeping seats, toilet, tv and free wi-fi for your mobile devices; Had-Yai – Phuket departing 18:30 and arriving in Krabi around 23:00 is this kind of bus
    this route runs on Thailand Route (Highway) 4 / A2 (Asian Highway 2) – (ถนนเพชรเกษม / thanon Phet Kasem) and if your destination is somewhere near the route you can tell bus personnel (or show spot on google maps) and they will leave you to the closest point
    price is still 214 ThB as well as other prices listed before

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