Thousand year old eggs

As soon as I moved to my new apartments in Shenzhen, I went to the supermarket to buy all necessary products for cooking. Definitely, there were a lot of unknown weird things in Chinese supermarket. I bought many of them but most part of them were in a trashbin straight after I tried them. So, anyway, at one moment I found eggs what is not so special. I took duck eggs cause didn’t eat them for a long time. Perfect breakfast was coming!

Next morning I put frying pan on the kitchener, pour oil in it (well, you know..) and then took two eggs and was ready to sacrifice them… But when I hit one egg with the knife – it didn’t crack.

So, in a second I figured out that it’s thick and black. I didn’t really know if it’s ok for the egg to look like this, so I decided to leave it until the better times…

My Chinese coworkers told me that it’s ok for Chinese eggs. I can mix it with rice and it would be good.

Alright, I was ready to make this dish when I got back home. I peeled this strange thing but before spoiling rice I decided to try it.

100 year old egg

Pics are not mine this time. I didn’t get a brilliant idea to take photos of those eggs, so enjoy shots from random Chinese sites.

1000 year old egg

They looked awesome but then the eggs smelled of ammonia. Like really strong smell.

And then I remembered that I saw something in the Internet long time ago about these eggs: like “so weird but so delicious, don’t forget to try it in one of Chinese restaurants”. So yeh, restaurants… I guess cause of that I was too surprised to find such eggs in the general supermarket.

So, these eggs are called 100 year old eggs or 1000 year old eggs. The Internet says that they make a mix of ash and horse pee (well, not sure about pee but could be true) and then cover the eggs by this and dig them into the ground for 100 days. That’s it.

So, anyway, the smell of ammonia was very strong, but I could not help trying it. So, I cut a piece and ate it.

Oh, that was really weird! I can tell nothing about the taste besides that it’s very sharp.

I guess it’s like durian – you either love it from the first bite or you hate it immediately as you try it.

As it turn to be definitely not love, I grabbed rest of this “delicious” egg and it was gone to the trash bin.

So, it’s extremely weird thing and even if they look really beautiful the taste is not that easy to accept. But then, the best thing about these eggs – that they are perfect souvenirs. Cause you don’t have to eat it by yourself but may enjoy looking at your friend’s face expression.

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