Fruits in Thailand

I’m a big fruit lover and try to eat them every day. Mandarins are the best for me. Small Moroccan mandarins. They smell of New Year Eve cause of good Russian tradition. Plus, I never refuse small sweet grapes, green sour apples, melon, watermelon… Berries – is special thing in my list.  Read more >>>

Features: Indonesia

• They don’t boil coffee in Java and Eastern islands. They “brew” it like tea. It’s worse than instant coffee.

• There are “fried rice” and “fried noodles” in Indonesia (as everywhere in Asia actually). But only in Indonesia it means exactly what states in the name of the dish: rice/noodles and palm oil.  Read more >>>

Cameron Highlands

I consider Malaysia as the most useless and unattractive country in South-East Asia I’ve seen so far. Located between Thailand with it’s stunning karst formations and Indonesia with its volcanoes, volcanoes and volcanoes, Malaysia has nothing special to suggest.  Read more >>>

Chinese Tea Market

I have already been sure that I´m a great tea lover and know a lot about this drink when I lived in Russia. But then after I saw tea ceremony in China I have realized that it´s a real art and to learn it’s like to learn a new foreign language – it’s long process and when you think that you are fluent you still have so many things to learn about it.  Read more >>>

Wedding Photo Shooting in Chinese Way

Everybody knows that there are too many people in China. And the funny thing that even on their special day – wedding day – a couple still doesn’t have even a square meter of privacy.

There is silly event every Saturday at those beaches which are not overcrowded with Chinese people cause they are further from the city.  Read more >>>