The most memorable events of the past year

So, it was one year since I’ve moved to Asia recently. China, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia. And Thailand again =)

I’ve got an idea to write about those things which impressed me most of all withing this year. You know, the same stuff as many people do around NY eve like I’ve got a new job, new boyfriend, second-hand car, new own and bla-bla-bla… But as I’ve realized that our New Year eve is not something natural but something made up by human beings (by Christian human beings) and people don’t care about our NY eve in China and Thai but have their own ones… Well, what I wanna say that this year crashed the idea of the 1st pf January as a point of a new year.  Read more >>>

Dali in Yunnan

It takes 8 hours to reach Dali town from Shangri-la by bus. So, my travel buddy and I arrived fairy late. Good things that friends booked a hostel for us. Emu Hostel – really good one. The certain bad thing about it is that they cook very-very slowly.  Read more >>>

Chinese super-star

I acted in a Chinese adv less than a week after my arrival to Shenzhen.

It always happens spontaneous in China. They call to one of your friends and then you hear him saying: “Guys, they need white people. Would you mind to be filmed in an adv?” And then you are in the studio in an hour after the suggestion.  Read more >>>

The Highest Waterfall on the Earth

Angel Falls (Salto Angel) – the highest waterfall on the earth was chosen as the first destination in Venezuela (how banal).

I’m not sure if one can get there by himself as it’s a very long way – flight and boat… But I guess one can try if has JPRS navigator, machete and hell of time.  Read more >>>

Thousand year old eggs

As soon as I moved to my new apartments in Shenzhen, I went to the supermarket to buy all necessary products for cooking. Definitely, there were a lot of unknown weird things in Chinese supermarket. I bought many of them but most part of them were in a trashbin straight after I tried them.  Read more >>>