Nepalese Visa on Arrival and Visa Extension in Pokhara

Visa issues in Nepal. Well, it’s easy. Almost everybody can get visa on arrival and it’s extension doesn’t take long.

Nepalese visa on arrival

Foreigners can get Nepali visa on arrival when crossing the border both by land or air. It’s pretty fine and easy at the airport in Kathmandu. I guess, it’s more messy at check-posts when you enter Nepal by land but still should not be more complicated.

To get your visa you need to fill two papers, one of them people usually get on board and second one you have to take at the airport. Plus, you need one photo 3×4 (a bit lager or smaller, black&white or colored – doesn’t matter) and cash. You better have American Dollars. You also may pay in Euros and something else, but they count in Dollars anyway. You CAN NOT pay in Nepali Rupiahs.

There are visas for 15, 30 or 90 days which cost 25, 40 and 100 USD accordingly. Visas are multi entries.

The process doesn’t take long, the main thing is to have USD so you won’t have to change any other currency for them – the line to the exchange office is massive. And a picture is better be with you as well because even if it’s definitely possible to make one at the airport – I haven’t noticed where exactly.

Nepalese visa extension in Pokhara

Foreigners can not stay longer than 150 days per year under the Nepali law. They count from the 1st of January. So, it means that if you arrive, let’s say, in the end of February 2013, you can not stay longer than till the end of July in 2013. But if you arrive in August 2013, then you may stay up to 150 days in 2013 – what would be exactly by New Year and then you may stay from January 2014 to May 2014. So, basically it’s possible to spend 10 month in Nepal in a row with a tourist visa.

You can extent your Nepali visa as many times as you want but the total quantity of the days in Nepal should not be more than 150.

Immigration Office in Pokhara

Visa extension costs $2 per day and the minimum extension is for 15 days. If you exceed your last visa (but it’s still less than 150 days this year for you) then you have to extend your visa for all the time of overstay ($2/day) and add $3/day as a fine.

Nepali visa extension rules

Even if they wrote the prices in USD, you have to pay in Nepali Rupiah. And under the exchange rate which if differs from that one every exchange office in the town has.

It’s possible to extend your Nepali visa in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

It’s very easy, really. First, you need to go to the Immigration office which is located not far from the Lake-Side in Pokhara. It’s better to arrive there before 6 P.M. By some reason, I can’t take over Google maps, so here is the coordinates: 28.201848,83.969492 (just insert them in Google maps and you’ll get it).

Just keep walking along Lake-Side in the opposite direction from Sarangkot to the T-cross. The building on the left is what you need - Immigration Office

Immigration Office in Pokhara

You need to have your passport, one photo (again, size and color don’t really matter) and cash in Nepali Rupiah.

You have to fill the short form at the Immigration office, it’s simple. Extension starts from the next day of your current visa expiration.

Then they send you to a lady who’s responsible to get money from you. She is mistaken pretty often even if she uses a calculator, so don’t be shy, ask what the rate is and count by yourself.

After that they would carry your passport from room to room for another 10 minutes and ta-dam!!! The process is over and you may stay legally in Nepal!

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