Features: Indonesia

• They don’t boil coffee in Java and Eastern islands. They “brew” it like tea. It’s worse than instant coffee.

• There are “fried rice” and “fried noodles” in Indonesia (as everywhere in Asia actually). But only in Indonesia it means exactly what states in the name of the dish: rice/noodles and palm oil. Nothing else… And it’s when in Thai or China these dishes include (besides rice/noodles and palm oil) an egg, bunch of veggie and soya souse at least.

• I have not been in the Western world for a long by now, but when I was there previous time there were no blue Fanta. Is it still the same way?

• If you ordered a soup (just a soup and nothing else), they bring a fork you anyway. Just in case…

• They don’t use salt at all.

• Soya souse is different from rest Asian soya souses. It’s thick and sweet.

• They don’t have flush toilets. Even if they look like… It doesn’t flush.

• And shower… They don’t have it neither. Normally there is “mandi”. You feel really inspired when you enter a “bathroom” after a hiking/moto day.

• There are two types of petroleum in Indonesia: premium for motorbikes and solarium for  cars. I saw 91 as well, but just couple of times. but then petroleum is extremely cheap (4500 IDR = 0,48 USD/liter). I saw cheaper one only in Venezuela.


• There are just few cars in Indonesia. But then, there is hell of motorbikes.

• As in any Asian country there is no limit to number of people on one bike. It could be a whole family. And could be without helmets. Especially kids.

• Indonesia is the first country in the South-East Asia where I found good local chocolate – Silver Queen.

• There is hardly any hotel room in Indonesia with more than one electrical outlet.

• They put tons of sugar in tea.

• Indonesians don´t like sunlight. They make narrow windows and use think curtains. It´s always dark inside.

• No normal drivers in Indonesia! Half of drivers are sure that their father is Schumacher and believe that they can deal with any speed. And another half are sure that driving faster that 10 km/h is too dangerous to try.

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  1. hi the people up there i want to know if there is snow up there and is it cool up there.

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