Indonesian Market at Flores Island

This time it’s gonna be not that many words but a lot of pictures. So, after Kelimutu at Flores island we went back to Labuan Bajo by our motorbike. We decided to go slowly, visit everything we want and chill out a bit.

First stop was in Ende town, but there were nothing interesting at all, so we moved on.

Then, firstly we planned to stay in Bajawa where we wanted to stay for several days because of Inere volcano, tribe villages and hot springs. But on the way to Kelimutu we figured out that there is no single nice hotel (well, there is one but a bit too expensive). And at the same time we read in Lonely Planet that there is a nice village Boawae with a good hotel “Hotel Sao Wisata”. It was said that it’s 40 km before Bajawa (from Ende side). So, we decided to check it out – if it’s good – we can stay there, if it’s not – we just move on to Bajawa.

It was easy to find Boawae village by LP map – it’s along the main road, so very hard to miss. But what about hotel – well, there was no single sign but seems that all locals know where it is, so they showed us the way.

And here we go! Finally, some good stuff in Lonely Planet! The hotel was perfect for Indonesia! The owner is a sweet Indonesia old lady. I guess she haven’t raised the price since the foundation of her hotel – it was just 80000 rupiah for a room in a nice big wooden house with massive garden. Breakfast included and what’s more – we ate those breakfasts at the veranda with the view to the smoking Ebulobo volcano. Wonderful place!

view from the veranda

We visited all places we wanted from there. And moreover we visited a place we didn’t expect to see.

Once a week there is a massive bazaar. It’s hard to surprise me with markets after China but this one had its special spice – it was a rural market.

Indonesian market

almost all people simply sit on the ground

buy and sell prosess

There was a spot for cloth sale but 80% – it was sale of fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, home-made vodka and rest thing made by locals.

harsh rice sellers

smiling rice sellers

weird stuff at Indonesian market

who know what's that?

I hardly managed to stay there for half of an hour. After that I felt so sick in all ways possible, that I asked to bring me back to the hotel.

The smell was unbearable. Mix of smells – if exactly. And heat and crowd as additions.

Plus, we were not lack of attention. I guess, those people see white tourist once a year at most. And such kind of staring – I hate it. Plus, I don’t know why but all Indonesian grannies look like old witches from fairy tales.

not a witch?

more witch-looking ladies

dark-minded old lady

Actually, our walk through the market was the best opportunity I got to shoot locals. There were a lot of very interesting people of all ages besides witch-looking old ladies.

weird looking Indonesian lady

he moved to Indonesia from Cuba probably

more Indonesian old ladies

very photogenic Indonesian old man

And young ones:

simple Indonesian girl

beautiful one. Can smile =)

local macho

boy of protective coloration

Mostly people were friendly, smiled and even posed when they saw my camera.

old and happy men chewing betel

nice and smiling youth

Indonesian lady at local market, Flores island

more smiling grannies

What’s about kids – they are fairy rare at the market, but still some of them in Asian tradition work with their parents and sell stuff.

the way to carry kids in Indonesia

the way how kids spend there childhood in Indonesia

I saw more locals withing that half of an hour which I spent there than withing whole rest time in Indonesia. But then, the market itself – it’s like Mikhail Builgakov wrote: “Pouring sweat, the waiters carried dripping mugs of beer over the dancers’ heads… The vocalist was no longer singing – he was howling. Now and again the crash of cymbals in the band drowned the noise of dirty crockery flung down a sloping chute to the scullery. In short – hell.

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