How to get from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Hua Hin probably is the easiest gate-away from Bangkok. Hua Hin is a good choice when you wanna escape to the seaside from the metropolis. It’s just a bit further from Bangkok than Pattaya but the atmosphere in Hua Hin is way nicer, to my mind. Plus, it’s very easy to get there from Bangkok, so personally I prefer Hua Hin for a short vacation to the seashore.

Taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin

The most expensive way to get from Bangkok to Hua Hin is to use a taxi. You have to pay around 2500 baht ($75) for one way trip, but then if you are good at bargaining then you may pay way less (and way more if you are bad at it). Taxi drivers don’t like to go long distances by meter, so be sure you will have settled the price before you start your trip. It takes almost the same time to get to Hua Hin by taxi as by mini-van and it’s around 2,5 hours if the traffic is fine in Bangkok.

Bus and Mini-van from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Just keep in mind that if you have a lot of luggage (one backpack is ok), then mini-van may be not the best choice because they ask for additional payment for luggage from time to time (it seams there is no fixed rate for that, so it totally depends on a driver’s greed).

Bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Hua Hin

Bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Hua Hin runs from 7.30 am and to 7.30 pm. Price is 305 baht ($10). Travel time is 3-4 hours. Buses leave from the first floor of the airport (Level 1, Gate 8). They arrive to Hua Hin Bus Terminal (near Soi 96).

Mini-van from Victory Monument to Hua Hin

The easiest way to get transportation to Hua Hin if you leave from Bangkok itself. Mini-vans from Victory Monument run from 5.00 am to 8 pm every half of an hour. Price is 180 baht ($6). Travel time: 2,5-3 hours. Mini-vans arrive to small station near Soi 70 in Hua Hin.

There are tons of mini-vans going to different destinations from Victory Monument, so it may seems hard to find the right one, but just ask anyone on the street and people will show you where to find mini-van you need.

Victory Monument is easily accessed by Sky-train (BTS) – you just need to get off at Victory Monument BTS station. Plus, many city buses pass by Victory Monument, so just check here if there is a bus from near by your place which runs to Victory Monument.

Bus and Mini-van from Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) to Hua Hin

Buses from Southern bus terminal (Sai Tai Mai) to Hua Hin run from 4.00 am to 10.00 pm. Price is around 180 baht ($6). Travel time: 3 hours. In Hua Hin buses stop at the Bus Terminal near Soi 96; mini-vans – near Soi 70.

It’s pretty complicated to get to the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok cause neither Sky-train nor subway go there. The only options you have are taxi and city buses. There are many buses which run to the Sai Tai Mai, you may check them by the link I gave above. But anyway, consider at least an hour to get to the Southern Bus Terminal from such places as Khao San road or Sukhumvit.

Mini-vans from Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) to Hua Hin

Mini-vans from Northern Bus Terminal to Hua Hin stop kinda a bit outside of the bus terminal itself, so you better ask locals for the exact spot. Price is around 180 baht ($6). Travel time: 3 hours.

Mini-van from the Northern Bus Terminal would be convenient for those who stay around BTS Mo Chit and MRT Chatuchak Park or for those who go to Hua Hin from Don Muang airport (there are no direct buses to Hua Hin from Don Muang but you can easily get to the Northern Bus Terminal from this airport by direct bus #A1).

Bus and Mini-van from Khao San Road to Hua Hin

It might be convenient to catch a bus or mini-van directly at Khao San Road if you live there. Almost every travel agency sells tickets there. But then, I think it’s anyway better to go to Victory Monument by bus #509 and catch a mini-van from there because prices by travel agencies might be totally inadequate and transport from Khao San often depart with big delays.

Train from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Actually I have no idea who may want to travel to Hua Hin from Bangkok by train. If you hate buses by some reason, then you should know that a trip by the train will take probably over 4 hours and it will be totally uncomfortable as long as you are not ready to pay way more that for any bus ticket to get a place at a sleeper carriage. Almost all trains in Thailand depart with massive delays (2-3 hours – easily!), plus tickets start from 240 baht ($8) for lowest class ticket. The only advantage is that there are few night trains on this route (but only from Hua Hin to Bangkok). You may check the train timetable here.

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24 thoughts on “How to get from Bangkok to Hua Hin

  1. Just a brief word about taking the train from Bangkok to Hua Hin. My friend and I arrived in Bangkok from Chiang Mai on the night train and yes it was one hour late,most long distance trains are this late or later.
    We took the train to Hua Hin total traveling time 4/4.5 hours,cost 47 Baht each and 100 baht for each bicycle. For sure it takes at least an hour longer but having taken the mini-bus from Hua Hin to Bangkok so so much safer. The mini bus was a white knuckle ride. The train journey took place in January 2013 so do not have up to date info. For that I would recommend a visit to The Man in Seat 61
    Safe Travels to All

  2. Will arrive Don Mueng Airport at 1635hrs. Do you think if the time is enough to take BTS to Victoria Monument before 8pm?

  3. Me and one of my friend will leave for hua hin on 8th early morning from prtahunam any one intrested to pool a cab and go , any one can help out with some night clubs and which area to stay .

  4. Is it Cha’am also located in HuaHin? How if I go Cha’am from Don Muang Airport? Any minibus recommended?

    • The same mini-buss that goes to HH also passes thru (and stops in) Cham. They make a 1-to-15 min stop just off the main road near the town’s only red light before proceeding to HHinn. Be sure to buy ticket to ChaAm; its a bit cheaper.

  5. Any transport can recommend for 3 person to hua hin

    • If it’s from Bangkok then just catch a minivan next to Victory Monument. That’s the easiest option.

  6. When I reach hua hin after taking the minivan from victory monument… what transport would be available for me to reach to my hua hin hotel? Normally taxi or tuk tuk?

  7. Vans from/to Victory Mon. were OK both ways, calm easy ride no scary moments. From terminal you can either walk or get a tuktuk/taxi for sure. Check on a map to see how far it is.

  8. Hi,
    My flight reach Don Mueang at 830pm night.
    Will i be able to catch the mini-van at Northern Bus Terminal as suggested above?
    Any suggestion for transport for that timing to go Hua hin?

  9. Hi,
    Concerning taking taxi or Tuk Tuk at the terminal bus station in Hua Hin, did someone know what will be the price for a 20min/10km drive to our villa?

  10. Currently sitting in a taxi with my dad heading towards hua hin, the taxi driver approached us and asked us where we were going and when we said hua his he started out at 2000 baht.
    Since my stomach is currently working as spraypainter instead of the usual brownie maker I wasn’t that keen to bargain so we settled for 1800 baht in the end.

    Totally worth it

    • That sounds like a lot of money but it’s true that it’s a nightmare to go by bus when you don’t feel good.
      Get Better!!!

    • It’s a very good deal, usually it’s 2500 bht

  11. Do you know if any of the minivans from Victory Monument go to Prachuab Khiri Khan? (About 30km south of Hua Hin I believe).

    We are travelling as a family of 4. So I’m not sure if it’s better to pay extra and hire a taxi from Victory Monument (so far quoted around 2100 online to our hotel destination) or take a minivan to Hua Hin and then have to get another taxi or bus or something to Ampher Sam Roi Yot, Prachuab. (I’m guessing we’ll have to pay for at least 2 extra seats for luggage anyway on the minivan).

    Do you have any advice? Thank you. We are travelling in June.

  12. Private Taxi service from Bangkok city Bangkok Airport to Huahin,Chaum,Pranburi,Pattaya and other destinations in Thailand. With quality vehicles And a very experienced driver.
    Bangkok to Huahin Or
    Huahin to Bangkok
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    Toyota Innova=2200 THB.
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    สนใจข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม เช็คเรทราคาได้ที่เวบไซต์ของเรา

  13. TRAIN from Bkk to Hua Hin

    I have taken the train from Bkk to Hua Hin and the experience was more then fine. There are a few stops along the way where people pop on and off real quick selling food.

    There was both “farang” style toilet and a squat toilet.

    The seats where huge for one person. (we were in the sleeper cabin area) Lots of room and VERY CLEAN.

    The scenery is not bad either.

    The bus is ok as well, but seats are much smaller and going to the bathroom you get rocked all over the place.

    So if you are not in a hurry the train is a good option.

  14. any timetable for the van to hua hin? what is the first departure?
    im staying a night at nana before travelling to hua hin the next day.

  15. It’s best to do a dummy run the day before you leave to find your minibus stop as its quite busy & a bit confusing for a tourist. Go to Victory Monument on the SkyTrain. Exit the station on to the right hand side of Phayathai Rd towards the Victory Monument roundabout. Walk 30 metres, turn first right & the bus stop is across from the Saxephone pub. Their ticket desk is on the front of the small shopping square just 10 metres away. I asked a security guy at the bus stop & being a typical friendly Thai, escorted me to the minibus operators desk. The minibus staff were very friendly & helpful too.
    That said, the road trip was at breakneck speeds in wet & dangerous conditions with no working seat belt. The driver did much overtaking, undertaking while talking on his mobile phone. Thrillseekers only.
    My return journey was by train which was a lot safer & still good value. What ever way you go, Hua Him is worth seeing!

  16. May I know is it guaranteed to get a minivan to HuaHin? and is it safe to take the minivan to huahin?

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