How much does it cost to live in Nepal?

It’s my second post about cost of living in Asia. I’ve already written about how much do I spend with my friend for a month in Thailand, now I’m gonna tell you how much it costs us to live in Pokhara town, Nepal.

So, our expenses for 2 people in Nepalese Rupiahs (1 USD = 86,11 NPR).

01.04.2013-30.04.2013, Pokhara town, Nepal.

Total for two we spent 38 327 Rupiah (445 UDS).

Among them:
12 500 (145 USD) — house rent (we lived in a guesthouse in April. We had massive room and our spot at the veranda. We moved to a proper accommodation in May and – just  for comparison – it costs us 20 000 Rupiah/month;

950 (11 USD) — transportation:
500 — motorbike rent for a day (petrol is 120 Rupiah/liter);
400 — taxi to Sarangkot;
50 — bus tickets.

Worth noticing, that the expenses for transportation is really insignificant if you live in Pokhara. Everything is just one step from our house (except of hyper-market, but anyway I was there just once). So, if bike is a must be while living in Thailand, it’s not that important to have it here.

17 638 (205 USD) — food:
• 15 568 — food market, store and bakery:
100-120 Rupiah/kg — grapes;
40 Rupiah/kg — tomato;
40 Rupiah/kg — potato;
80 Rupiah/kg — cucumbers;
50 Rupiah for 12 pieces — bananas;
50 Rupiah/kg — flour;
40 — bread;
25 — bakery;
300-350 — 0,5 liter of Ghee butter;
95-105 — can of condensed sweetened milk;
450 Rupiah/kg — cheese;
9-10 Rupiah/piece — egg;
60-65 — Snickers;
25 — 0,5 liter of milk;
42 — 0,5 liter of curd (smt sweet yogurt);
135 — 2 liters of Sprite;
170-180 — bottle of Nepalese beer;
• 2 070 — cafe:
80 Rupiah/portion — veg thuk-pa with egg;
75 Rupiah/portion — veg borshch (beetroot soup);
200 — fine pizza (around 30 sm in diameter);

7 239 (84 USD) — rest expenses:
50 Rupiah/kg — laundry;
175 — shampoo;
195 — conditioner;
30-50 — soap;
50-70 — toilet paper;
5 683 — visa (we have visas for 3 months which costed us 100 USD each, so 5 683 Rupiah is approximate cost of visa per month).

Nepalese visa is an easy one to get (just at the border) but you can’t stay longer than 150 days per year in Nepal. They count from the 1st of January. So, basically you may arrive in Nepal in August, spend 150 days and on the first of January you are free to stay for 150 days more, but you have to make a new visa for that. You may get visa for 15 days (25 USD), 30 days (40 USD) and 90 days (100 USD) and then extend it for 2 USD per day.

So, Nepal seems to be way cheaper place to live than Thailand (even if Pokhara is the most expensive city in this country). But there is no sea. And all entrance fee to all lovely places you want to go trekking usually would cost you from 20 to 50 USD.

If you don’t have any accommodation for your next trip booked yet, try it here: Airbnb.
You will get $25 discount for your first booking
and would be able to stay in a nice room or apartment rented from locals and not just in a dorm!  

And if you haven't decided yet where to stay on your next trip - try AirBnb! You can rent a room or a house from locals and that's usually cheaper and cozier that staying in a hotel. Plus, $20 bonus for your fist stay is a nice bonus! Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “How much does it cost to live in Nepal?

  1. Nice info!
    I was wondering that what was the guesthouse that you stayed in April?
    Planning a 3 month trip myself and All info would be great considering cheap places where you can stay extended periods!

    • First I lived in a Royal Guesthouse (it’s near Trekkers Inn in case taxi driver doesn’t know it) for 12 000 Nepali rupiah per month. It’s just a room with a bathroom and you get access to the veranda with tables and so on. There is no kitchen though. But it’s very cheap and sweet. Owners are extremely nice people. Try to get room number 119 if you decide to settle there.

      If you want apartment, then try Pokhara Studio Inn (it’s hard to find it though… you have to turn on the big street which is perpendicular to the Lake side (I forgot the name, but it’s the biggest one just in the middle of Lake side) and go, go, go until you see smt like a bus station of yellow color with a massive tree on the yellow fundament, then cross the road to the left and follow narrow street for a while, you should see the sign, or ask someone there, they should know) – I rented a nice one bedroom apartment there for 20 000 rupiah. Plus, there is a kitchen as well. Try to speak with the owner, not with his wife.

      You may see some pictures here:
      Article is in Russian, but first pics (pink interior) is for Royal Guesthouse and then yellow – for Pokhara Studio Inn.

      Good luck!

  2. Hey thanks for the info! Yeah gonna try the Pokhara studio inn. :)

    • Sorry for late respond. Good luck and please, give me to know if they have changed prices or any other updates.
      Happy NY eve!!!

    • Hi! Thanks for the article! It’s super useful as I’m planning to go to Nepal!

  3. Hi..I have a question. I found this blog cause I also wanted to find an apartment in Pokhara. I found one and it was 20,000 a month. NOW I am wondering where to shop !! Ok I realize I can not cook some of the things I would like,since even the big hypermart has no selection.
    But I am a little but shy now,cause the small shops have no prices and I have the feeling they might rip me off (they did in shops in KTM) what do you suggest? SHould i just shop for veg/fruit/eggs, et at small corner shops or go to a big market? where is the big market area? ANd HOW did you get Milk for 50 rupees? Thanks !

    • I always bought vegies at small shops which are numerous there. Fresh stuff was always cheaper there than in big supermarkets. Just check few, ask about prices and you will find the best one or two – stick to them, after few times sellers will know you and will be nice to you and start to show you the best they have, you will sorta become a regular customer whom they respect. To get an idea if they telling you the truth about prices or not – you may consider prices from my article, just compare. Don’t forget that one year passed, maybe they would be slightly higher now, plus for seasonal fruits prices might really vary depending on the month of the year.

      Big market area are away from touristic zone of Pokhara, pretty far. Plus funny thing sometimes at the local market they give you higher prices than at small stores at the Lakeside – seems that they just never talked to foreigner before and now trying to get as much as they can, so they may name totally ridiculous numbers. Not all sellers of course, but happened.

      Milk you can find in small stores as well. Usually it’s not vegetable stores but others – they sell everything from soap to sweets. Milk comes in plastic sealed bags, same for sweet yogurt. There are few types, check all as some of them better than others but I don’t remember how the bag looked like but I think it was white with red text on it.

      And here is my map with best local restaurants and supermarkets I know in the city. All non-food related marks are in Russian only but rest I translated in English as well.,83.967562&spn=0.030365,0.058579

      Good Luck!

  4. Thank you very much ! I woul dnot have found milk without you ! LOL. It is hidden away in a closed cooler…Prices which you mentioned are roughly the same/slightly higher…I am finally starting to get the hang of it. I still think living in Thailand is sooo much more convenient ! haha…but I like Pokhara too !
    Thanks for the tips !

    • Hi Fran can you help me out a little? I’m going to be traveling to Nepal in March for roughly 2 months and then I was going to go to Thailand. I have no idea where to even start with the thailand trip, so if you could shoot me an email I would be extremely grateful. My email is

      • Hi!
        Well, that’s very simple: as long as you are not a hitchhiker you have to go from Kathmandu to Bangkok by plane. Then options are open but in May it’s gonna be damn hot all over Thailand. Probably, best option – koh Samui, koh Tao and koh Pangan as climate is different there and it might be be ok.

  5. Hi Alice ! good day to you. I have some queries. What is cost of expenses as detailed below-
    1) 2 bedroom, with attached bathroom, toilet with water & electricity.
    2) Food expenses for a couple with one minor child.
    3) Internet expenses
    4) Are there any Indian schools ? if yes what are the expenses ?
    Kindly reply me asap.

    thanks & regards

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