Fruits in Thailand

I’m a big fruit lover and try to eat them every day. Mandarins are the best for me. Small Moroccan mandarins. They smell of New Year Eve cause of good Russian tradition. Plus, I never refuse small sweet grapes, green sour apples, melon, watermelon… Berries – is special thing in my list. Ah, how much I miss strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries!!! Ahh…

But I had to change my fruit list when I arrived to Asia – fruits which are so common and normal in Europe are very expensive here and some of them are hard to find, but then here are tons of new exotic fruits which cost like hell in Western world.

So, even if I have almost forgotten taste of pears and oranges, I am familiar now with so weird things like mangosteen, snake fruit and more and more.

Fruits vary from country to country and season to season, but I’m gonna tell about fruits I can get here and now – in Thai.

On the top – mango! That’s an ambrosia! Mangoes are more than enough for a proper lunch when you just don’t want to spoil its taste by anything else.


It’s soft, sweet, juicy (so juicy that you often combine eating with face mask), a bit sour sometimes and with pine smell. I think that mango is the fruit I have eaten most of all since I’m in Asia (ok, if not count several tanks of mandarins I enjoyed in China in winter time).

After mango…ta-da-dam!!! … Coconuts! It’s a magic thing. They grow along all roads – climb a palm, get one, cut it (if you can). That’s it! Or buy it for around 50 euro cents if you are lazy to get it by yourself.


Coconut water could taste different. Sometimes it’s very fermented. But not enough to get drunk anyway. Plus Asians consider coconuts with thick pulp as old coconuts. They eat only those which have soft pulp.

Mangosteens follow these two. I tried them for the first time in China but didn’t like that much cause even if they tasty it was hard to peel them.


But then fruit seller in Malaysia told me the secret: you don’t peel them, you just screw green stuff on the top and then press from the bottom-up and it cracks easily. After that I liked them way more! They are wonderful. I have no idea how to describe the taste. You have to come here and try! They worth it!

Then there are more fruits I don’t like that much as mentioned above but which I still buy sometimes.

So, lychee! Thanks to China where I tried this fruit for the first time.


They are tasty and juicy. A bit sour. If you eat them too much you have the same feeling in your month as when you eat too many green apples or a lemon.

Orangutan rambutan. Nice fluffy creatures!


They are good in all ways except that pulp is difficult to divide from the core.

And the new one in my fruit list – langsat.


It tastes like… like if a pomelo was not a citrus. It has some seeds which are very bitter if you chew them. And there is no chance to make your hands clean after this fruit cause the peel is pitchy. But still, it’s a cool thing.

And then – limes. The trick is that here are no lemons in Asia. Or they are too expensive. But limes are cheep and easy to find. So perfect with shrimp and wine.

So, I guess, that’s it. Well, bananas are also fairy interesting here – I think I have tried more than 10 varieties of them since I’m in Asia. There are bananas with solid seeds and bananas with taste of melon.

Plus, there are more fruits which I tries but didn’t really get (durian, yeeh). I often don’t know names of such fruits (yep, to get an English name of the fruit – it’s a problem) and still there are so many fruits to try over here…

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