Free Yellow Fever Vaccination in Bogota, Colombia

You may get free yellow fever vaccination (Vacuna contra la fiebre amarilla – in Spanish) right in the airport after your arrival to Bogota – capital city of Colombia. That’s good to anyone who is planning to visit other countries in the region (and not only) because many countries with high risk of yellow fever simply will not let you in without the vaccination and other countries won’t let you in if you have been to any country at risk withing last year.

So, at the international El Dorado Airport in Bogota city you can get yellow fever vaccination for free! It’s also claimed that it is possible at the main bus terminals but I can not confirm this information (please, share if you know anything about it).

To get yellow fever vaccination at El Dorado airport, look for Hospital Fontibon at the second floor. Its entrance is very unnoticeable, so it is not that easy to find, plus there is another hospital where they charge for vaccination, so don’t mess them up.

Doctors don’t speak any English there, so you must be able to provide some required information for them in Spanish such us that you need yellow fever vaccination, have you ever got this vaccination before and if yes then when, are you pregnant, have you had any serious diseases recently and what is your age. The vaccination injection is shot into the shoulder and valid for 10 years. Theoretically you may feel bad for the next 3-4 days, so don’t plan any serious mountain treks for those days. Vaccination gets into its full power after 10 days of the injection. 

You will get a little yellow book – certificate confirming your vaccination. It’s important to keep it with you and not loose as without it you won’t have any evidence that you are actually vaccinated – in case you would be asked to prove it somewhere at the passport control in the future.

And here is the link to countries which require yellow fever vaccination to enter them.

Stay safe and healthy! And have a great time in Colombia!

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