City Jungle. Kuala Lumpur

I’m not a metropolis’s fan. I don’t like to stay for a long in big cities, but I have to sometimes. So, I had to stay for a while in Kuala Lumpur not that long time ago. And… I think it is the most impressive metropolis I’ve ever seen. Even more interesting that Hong Kong. Why? – cause it’s… it’s like real city jungle according to all laws of botanic, biology and any jungle science.

A city map is just useless in KL. It seems that there are no straight streets at all. Plus, city relief if not flat but with hills and lowlands. So, a true mess! This impressed me a lot. Moreover, they keep the city green, there is hell of trees which could be as high as 10 floors.

And KL has many levels of this urban plants: small houses which don’t require any sunlight (have no idea why they don’t like bright rooms in Malaysia), then higher buildings and massive trees and on top of all – skyscrapers of different height.

Even Hong Kong is not flat and located between and on hills it still has straight streets. The houses are almost the same height and every roof has got its own piece of the sky. There are skyscraper’s quarters in Shenzhen as well but all streets are long and straight without any turns… But here it’s such a crazy mix of urban creations.

Plus great mess and mix of cultures makes an atmosphere there as well: European architecture (mostly old) with glass skyscrapers; Indians all around (even if I lived in the middle of Chinese quarter) and Muslim women – and all of them can speak good English. How is that possible?

And what’s about the most popular sightseeing – Petronas Twins… Well, they are really impressive! Both in the day and night time:

My friends joined me while my second stay in KL, they had slackline with them, so we have decided that we must slackline near Petronas Towers. There is a very nice park on one side of Twins, so we found suitable trees and arranged the system. We had about 15 minutes for preparation and slacklining itself. Then the police arrived and said that we can’t do it. They checked that we took away our slackline and then asked for a photo with us. That’s it. Nice talk.

But then, I could not find a place for proper view from above. There is a TV-tower (entrance fee is 45 ringgit) but the view is way worse that I expected – only one of Twins is visible… Plus walls of view cabin is made of glass so it was a nightmare to make pictures through it in the night time. But still…

But anyway, it’s easy to get bored in KL in couple of days even if Petronas and rest stuff are still there and amazing as always… It’s possible to see all interesting spots in one day (Ok, plus one evening to see the lights) and that’s it. Plus bad and expensive food don’t make you want to stay longer… Oh yes, alcohol is fricking expensive in Malaysia, so parties cost a lot. Way more that in any neighborhood country…
But still, Kuala Lumpur is one of those few metropolises I would recommend to visit.

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