Cinderella Fairy Tale or How much money do you need to live like a princess

So, I have moved again. And again not to the north of Thailand where I plan to go for the last half of a year.


It was a spontaneous decision. We decided it, packed stuff and left Koh Samui just in 2 days. And 3 of us were on the way to Andamant sea.

When we arrived and started our search of a nice cozy house, it became clear that the situation with accommodation in Krabi is as bad as it was a year ago. Very expensive and just few suggestion in comparison with Koh Samui. Sad.

We found just one suitable place by the evening. And it was a crashed house. It looked as a small copy of that massive house from “Fight Club”. Very old and dirty. But cheap. We considered that anyway we want to go to the north in 10 days or so and therefore it would be wiser to rent this scuffed house and enjoy our time in Krabi than to search for something better for the rest of our stay at Andamant seacoast. So, we called to the owner and agreed to meet next morning to discuss possibility of our stay there.

Next morning we figured out that the house inside was as bad as outside. But we also figured out that Malaysian Chinesee who owns this house is an owner of the villa next to this crashed place. That villa looked so good and so posh that we even didn’t think about entering or asking about the price.

But to our surprise, the owner suggested us this almost a palace for nothing. And definitely, we said yes, and moved in (and definitely we changed our mind about going to the north so soon).

This house is something like in Brazilian soap operas or movies about rich French or Italians.

I like second assosiation even more.

Mountain Villa, krabi,tailand

So, let’s an excursion around my new house begin.
The house itself.

Mountain villa

My bedroom on the second floor. Messy a bit.

Mounain villa

Bathroom with a mirror in a half of the wall and with the view to the palm trees.

Mountain Villa krabi thailand

View from my balcony.

Mountain Villa krabi thailand hall and pictures

When I leave the room. Second floor.

stairs at our mountain villa

Marble stairs. Hard to be posher.

stairs at our mountain villa in krabi

There is a swimming pool just behind the window on the first floor.

under the stairs

Under the stairs. Two djembes were found there.

place for yoga and movies

In front of the stairs. First floor. Place for yoga and movies.


Kitchen with dozen of tea sets.

living room

Living room and kitchen in the background.


Smoking and breakfast place.


No life without a hummock is possible in Thai.

karst and view from the garden

And the last one – view to magic Karst formation from our garden.

When I discovered the villa closer, I found that there are a lot of little defects – seems, that it was empty for a long time. But then, all these scuffs brings an atmosphere of an old European mansion. Just wine cellar is missing =)

So, now I live in the house from a little girl’s dream. Big windows, mirrors everywhere, massive stairs, garden, fountain and swimming pool… I want to look good and wear beautiful dresses. Why did I send them all back to Russia? – because there was no need in them while I lived mostly in hummock at Koh Samui, I guess.

And all this is just for electricity and water price. It’s not normal even for Thailand. It is luck. They have a tradition in Asia to let first renter in for almost nothing – it brings good luck in business with the property. So, it means that might be if we have come a week later, the house could be rented to other backpackers and we would be asked for a very high price instead of what we pay now. What does it mean? – That spontaneous decisions rule! And that it’s good idea to believe in good luck and good people!

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