Visa-run from Koh Samui to Malaysian Border

My second visa-run in Thailand was from Koh Samui to Malaysian border. Travel agencies suggest to take you there and back for 1600 Bath what is too expensive. But I have to mention that 2 meals included and you will be back to your place at Koh Samui the same day – what’s impossible when you go by yourself with public buses.  Read more >>>

Visa-run from Krabi to Malaysian border

Every foreigner without Thai visa has to do visa-run every 30 days.

One can buy a tour from numerous travel agencies in Ao Nang and it costs 900 bath in low season and 750 in high season (I know it’s weird that in high season price is cheaper but they told it’s because there are too few people in low season and they drive buses half-empty).  Read more >>>

Transport in Indonesia

Logistics in Indonesia is extremely unpleasant and difficult in comparison with rest countries I visited in Asia.

Well, it’s clear with the airplanes as almost everywhere (phh, maybe I should say that inner flight by some reason are more expensive that international ones).  Read more >>>