Withdrawing money through ATM without commission in Colombia

Commission you charged by banks when you withdraw money abroad mostly consists of two parts:

  1. commission charged by your bank for withdrawing in an ATM which doesn’t belong to it
  2. commission charged by bank-owner of the ATM machine for using it

Unfortunately I can’t advise how to avoid first part of commission as it depends on what country you are from but then I can give you a tip how to get rid of second part of the commission when you need to withdraw cash in Colombian ATMs.  Read more >>>

Free Yellow Fever Vaccination in Bogota, Colombia

You may get free yellow fever vaccination (Vacuna contra la fiebre amarilla – in Spanish) right in the airport after your arrival to Bogota – capital city of Colombia. That’s good to anyone who is planning to visit other countries in the region (and not only) because many countries with high risk of yellow fever simply will not let you in without the vaccination and other countries won’t let you in if you have been to any country at risk withing last year.  Read more >>>