Wedding Photo Shooting in Chinese Way

Everybody knows that there are too many people in China. And the funny thing that even on their special day – wedding day – a couple still doesn’t have even a square meter of privacy.

There is silly event every Saturday at those beaches which are not overcrowded with Chinese people cause they are further from the city.  Read more >>>

Shangri-la, Yunnan

Is it just a legend? Well, yes, originally. Legend about Earth paradise. Supposedly somewhere in Tibet…

But not that long time ago – just 10 years – Shangri-la officially appeared in the map of China. One of districts and cities in Yunnan province was renamed to Shangri-la.  Read more >>>

Why Hong Kong is not China

After 5 months in China I had to go to Hong Kong at least for a minute and then come back as my visa required.

To get to Hong Kong from Shenzhen (Chinese city where I used to live) you need just to cross the bridge or take a subway to the last station in Shenzhen, get out of the train but not the subway station, cross the border and find yourself in the subway station on Hong Kong side.  Read more >>>