Dali in Yunnan

It takes 8 hours to reach Dali town from Shangri-la by bus. So, my travel buddy and I arrived fairy late. Good things that friends booked a hostel for us. Emu Hostel – really good one. The certain bad thing about it is that they cook very-very slowly.  Read more >>>

Chinese super-star

I acted in a Chinese adv less than a week after my arrival to Shenzhen.

It always happens spontaneous in China. They call to one of your friends and then you hear him saying: “Guys, they need white people. Would you mind to be filmed in an adv?” And then you are in the studio in an hour after the suggestion.  Read more >>>

Thousand year old eggs

As soon as I moved to my new apartments in Shenzhen, I went to the supermarket to buy all necessary products for cooking. Definitely, there were a lot of unknown weird things in Chinese supermarket. I bought many of them but most part of them were in a trashbin straight after I tried them.  Read more >>>

Chinese Tea Market

I have already been sure that I´m a great tea lover and know a lot about this drink when I lived in Russia. But then after I saw tea ceremony in China I have realized that it´s a real art and to learn it’s like to learn a new foreign language – it’s long process and when you think that you are fluent you still have so many things to learn about it.  Read more >>>