Bangkok. My humble opinion

Bangkok was the first stop after half of a year in China and before Vipassana course. Just for a couple of days but still with some expectations.

Actually, those expectation were based on “Hangover 2: from Vegas to Bangkok” movie. I don’t really know what exactly it means but that time it was something about rush and not-sleeping-city where everything is about sex, drugs & rock&roll.  Read more >>>

The most memorable events of the past year

So, it was one year since I’ve moved to Asia recently. China, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia. And Thailand again =)

I’ve got an idea to write about those things which impressed me most of all withing this year. You know, the same stuff as many people do around NY eve like I’ve got a new job, new boyfriend, second-hand car, new own and bla-bla-bla… But as I’ve realized that our New Year eve is not something natural but something made up by human beings (by Christian human beings) and people don’t care about our NY eve in China and Thai but have their own ones… Well, what I wanna say that this year crashed the idea of the 1st pf January as a point of a new year.  Read more >>>