What to Do at Petronas Twin Towers and Around

Petronas Twin Towers is the most famous sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur and probably the only building which is known among those who have never been to Malaysia.

There is no city center as it is in Asian metropolises. There are usually business center, shopping center, historical center… So, it’s interesting that the most touristic place in Kuala Lumpur is in its business center and not in cultural or historical one as it usually happens in other cities.  Read more >>>

Features: Nepal

The more I travel, the less weird things I see in new countries. People eating insects as a snack or people who are proud of a “western toilet” in their hotels don’t seem strange any longer. But still, I hope that interesting features could be found everywhere and that every country could be called a unique one despite how many place I’ve seen.  Read more >>>

Spirit Houses in Thailand

There is a small building which looks like traditional Thai house or Buddhist temple on a pillar with statues of people and animals inside and food and drink offering outside almost in front of every house, cafe, hotel in Thailand. That’s spirit houses (saan phra phum).  Read more >>>

Colorful Stripes on the Trees

There are many trees in Thailand with colorful strips around their bodies. Usually, there is such a tree in any Buddhist Wat (outside of course). But then, they are not only at Wat’s territories – trees with ribbons could be found along roads, in parks or forests.  Read more >>>