Cameron Highlands

I consider Malaysia as the most useless and unattractive country in South-East Asia I’ve seen so far. Located between Thailand with it’s stunning karst formations and Indonesia with its volcanoes, volcanoes and volcanoes, Malaysia has nothing special to suggest.

So, I didn’t visit that many places in Malaysia (actually I saw only Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Pangkor island and Cameron Highlands). But it was enough to realize that I don’t want to be there any longer. Google shows nice pics of islands on the Eastern coast but then… They just like… islands. Nothing special after so impressive Thai landscapes. 

And the worst thing about Malaysia is its prices. Malaysia is extremely expensive in comparison with its neighbors. And as I didn’t see anything I did not see before in rest countries of the region but at the same time this country was one of the most expensive… I’ve just got an idea: why the hell have I come here at all???

But then, I found one nice place I really enjoyed. Cameron Highlands. Tea plantation.

My friend and I went there from Pangkor island which could be beautiful if there are no locals… But anyway, the trip should take 7 hours. But definitely it took way longer. Malaysia has no idea about timetable and departure IN TIME as any other South-East Asian country.

So, we arrived to the capital of Cameron Highlands Tanah Rata town when it was dark and rained like hell.

After half of an hour we were in a hotel with WiFi, hot water (what is not normal for Asian hotels at all=)) for 50 ringgit for double.

The city looked hopeless and gray. And we went to sleep without any slightest hope to see anything stunning around here.

But then in the morning in a sunlight we figured out that it’s not that bad! Not at all!

So, we went for a long walk.

All advs and brochures say that you can see tea plantation, strawberry farms, butterfly farms, fruit farms and some more farms which were definitely created for tourists but I don’t really understand who could be interested in visiting a fruit farm… Go to jungle and find all those fruits in the wild! Easy! =)

Anyway, we saw strawberry farms from the window of our bus the day before and they even didn’t try to look interesting.

But what’s interesting about strawberry – monuments. Oh God, that’s an art!

Anyway, from whole list of farms we chose only tea plantation (Bharat Tea Plantation) to visit.

So, here we go! It’s nice to walk there. All posh hotels make you feel like you in Switzerland. They really like to build hotels in “European” style. And only palm trees and bananas break your brain…

It took us around one hour to reach the tea plantation.

And yeh, forget Malaysia! Welcome to Shire!

It was so cool to be there. That was a pity that we were stupid enough to be without any food for a picnic. Could be so nice!

It was the first time in my life I saw tea bushes. The smell there was just awesome!

Next day we tried to reach another tea plantation but the plan crashed cause of a heavy rain. Pity, pity cause we didn’t have more time – I had to go to KL and my friend to Singapore.

They asked hell of money for the bus ticket to Singapore (140 ringgit), so he had to join me to KL first (28 ringgit).

So, besides this place I haven’t seen anything good in Malaysia… Well, I did enjoyed some places in KL, but still…

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