The most memorable events of the past year

So, it was one year since I’ve moved to Asia recently. China, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia. And Thailand again =)

I’ve got an idea to write about those things which impressed me most of all withing this year. You know, the same stuff as many people do around NY eve like I’ve got a new job, new boyfriend, second-hand car, new own and bla-bla-bla… But as I’ve realized that our New Year eve is not something natural but something made up by human beings (by Christian human beings) and people don’t care about our NY eve in China and Thai but have their own ones… Well, what I wanna say that this year crashed the idea of the 1st pf January as a point of a new year. Basically, everyone is free to choose when the New Year begins for him or her.

Well, all spiritual stuff I keep for myself but rest things which happened in this physical world are listed here. Almost in chronological order =)

So, the strongest and most impressive memories this year in Asia I’ve got when

• I saw prices in China

I tried real Chinese ulun

I entered a sleeper bus in China for the first time

• I forgot to say to a waitress “la bu la” (not spicy, please) for the first time

• I saw karst formations in Yangshuo, China for the first time

• I learned how to drive a bicycle

• Chinese woman threw stones at us at Tiger Leaping Gorge

• I made Beatles’ Yellow Submarine around 2 meters high as a classroom decoration in Chinese kindergarten

I starred in Chinese TV-adv

• I saw rice terraces in Longshen

• I got some Russian chocolate and zefir from St Petersburg

• we chased each other in swimming suits and colorful rubber rings along crowded central street of Yangshuo town fulfilled with Chinese people and souvenir shops

• my student regaled me with a candy with durian flavor which I had to eat

Hong Kong

• I meditated for 11 hours a day during 10 days meditation course

• I swam in the sea with bioluminescent plankton in the night for the first time

• again and again I swam in the sea with bioluminescent plankton in the night for the first time

• I saw karst formations in Krabi province for the first time

• Every time when I saw karst formations in Thai

• I ate homemade Spanish olives, Parmesan and kaponata with Spanish red wine in Kuala Lumpur

• I drove a bike for the first time

• I crashed a bike

• I saw Kelimutu

• I jumped from 5 meters bangee at the waterfall

• the wave almost took me to the see at Parangtritis beach

• I noticed “magic grass” for the first time

• I snorkeled around Seraya island

• I ate homemade bread made by a lady from Holland who run a small hotel in Flores island now

• I realized that neither my photocamera no money are in my bag any longer

• Men from Penang  tried ti crash our mini-van with bats because out stupid driver cut off them at a cross-light

• I ate Parmesan with French wine in Krabi town after two month of awful Indonesian food

• I got some Russian food from St Petersburg as a present for my Birthday

• I met my old friend whom I didn’t see for 3 year or longer in Thai

• I got to the most expensive and posh villa at the whole Samui island. I’ve never seen smt like this even in movies

• my parents for the first time in my life wrote me not “come back to Russia and start to do something useful” but “so, you are in Faraway Kingdom now. We only dreamed about it when we were young.”

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